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WordPress web design

An overview of the WordPress CMS, themes and plugins

If you’re researching a new website for your business or organisation, you’ve probably come across the term WordPress web design, along with the following:

  • CMS (content management system)
  • WordPress themes (bespoke themes or off-the-shelf themes)
  • WordPress plugins

This article provides a brief explanation of these terms to help you make a decision for your website.

What is a CMS?

CMS is an abbreviation of content management system. A CMS provides a user-friendly interface which allows you, the client, to access your website and update content (text and images) without any knowledge of web coding.

WordPress is a CMS

WordPress is the most popular CMS at the time of writing. It is constantly being updated and improved, offering more functionality over time. The core WordPress software is open-sourced and, therefore, doesn’t cost anything to install or upgrade. If you are a small to medium sized business, a WordPress web design is an excellent choice for your website.

Once your web designer has built your WordPress site, they will provide login details to access the admin area. This is the user-friendly interface where you can add and edit content. The image below shows an example of this interface.

WordPress web design

The WordPress interface is user-friendly and allows you to add/edit text and images.

What is a WordPress theme?

A WordPress theme is a collection of files which provide the design and layout of your website. It also determines which parts of the website you can access and edit.

When I design a website for a client I build all of these theme files and install them on their web-space. The result is a bespoke WordPress theme which is ideally suited to the client’s needs. I also provide a tutorial video demonstrating how to access and update the website.

An alternative approach is to purchase an off-the-shelf theme. This is a pre-designed theme that you can populate with your text and images. These are cheaper than purchasing a bespoke WordPress web design service but they can have significant drawbacks. Firstly, they are often bloated with additional and confusing functionality (they have to appeal to a wide variety of purchasers). Secondly, because they are not specifically designed for your website in mind, they can be frustrating to populate with your content – you may feel like you are trying to push a round peg into a square hole. Finally, the theme may become unsupported at any time – which could break your site. After installing an off-the-shelf theme, you may even need to employ a web developer to edit and/or fix it.

What is a WordPress plugin?

WordPress plugins are third-party modules that are added to WordPress. They provide any required functionality that isn’t available in the core package. A simple example might be a plugin that provides a contact form for people to get in touch. A more complex plugin might provide a complete event booking solution.

Depending on your required functionality, your WordPress web designer will use a combination of bespoke code and plugins to meet your website’s needs.

Examples of WordPress web design

I’ve designed and built many bespoke WordPress websites for clients. A couple of examples are shown below. My portfolio includes more examples of WordPress web design.

WordPress web design for a tech company.

Bespoke WordPress web design for a tech company. The design is tablet- and mobile-friendly.

WordPress web design for a chartered surveyor

Bespoke WordPress web design for a chartered surveyor. The design is tablet- and mobile-friendly.

Learn more about WordPress

This is a very brief overview of WordPress. For more information, visit the WordPress website.

WordPress web design for your business

If you would like a WordPress website for your business, get in touch for a quote. Call 0117 914 1867 or email me at stuart@stuart-magog.co.uk. I’d be happy to set up a meeting to discuss your requirements in detail.


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